Over the years, from 2003 onward, Ganeshism has had several solo exhibitions in Singapore and Sri Lanka. During this time, the art has changed considerably, as the artist and his views have. Some of the images from several exhibitions are shown below.


 Singapore exhibition

Mahen posing exhibition

exhibition singapore Mahen's house

Painting in Singapore


Galle exhibition

Rachel in Galle Number One

Galle No.1 exhibition


Barefoot exhibition space

Barefoot exhibition ganesh

Barefoot Ganesh concert

Lightening of the oil Ganesh exhibition

Barefoot garden


Ganeshism opening

Ganeshim barefoot exhibitionGanehism paintings barefoot

Ganesh barefoot paintings

Ganesh paintings Barefoot

Ganesh paintings exhibition


Ganesh galle

ganeshism hotel

Ganeshism galle

Ganesh sri lanka

ganesh paintings tatoo