The Ganeshism Studio/Gallery is a beehive of activity. A living studio and gallery with a bunch of busy bees. The queen bee, Rachel, runs the show with our buzzing artist Mahen, resident art critic Manu, chanteuse and pianist Leah, and a troupe of animals, birds, fish, water monitors and the odd bat or two. 

Ganeshism lush garden and paintings   

 The gallery revolves around an indoor garden with our very own, giant pet snail, Marbles. Airy and filled with light, the Ganeshism Gallery is an open concept space, with three levels, including a yoga space and Gong bath on the 3rd floor..


Tully is always hard at work in the studio. She is never beyond a 5 meter radius of any painting and has perfected the art of tipping over pots of system3 paint with panache.  And Manu, even from an early age, has always been on hand to help.

At Ganeshism, we try to be good stewards of nature. The entire space is a popular nesting site for Red Vented Bul-Bul's who favour our indoor plants as real estate. Manu (our resident art critic) has nursed many a fallen chic, perfected the art of teaching them to fly and sent them on their way. Our current guest is Salvador (they all get named) shown with Manu below. Manu also has a (giant) snail, three cats, a dog and a batch of caterpillars, who will leave us soon, as butterfly's we presume.

Rescued baby Red Vented Bul Bul   

Our resident art critic is also a junior ornithologist. And, he always has something to say about the paintings as well.



The Ganeshism Gallery and studio covers a large area, and the painting happens all over it. Some of the antique doors have to be painted where they are. They're just too heavy to move. And the bike. A Royal Enfield Classic. A nod to Mahen's motorcycle racing past. Now, on early morning rides, Mahen finds the single pointed focus of riding a bike 'briskly', not unlike the act of painting. "They both shut out the rest of the world. They both seem to happen in a silky, smooth, silent space in our brain, on a different plane of consciousness".


Anyway, everybody has a laugh at the Gallery and there's no shortage of glamour with the visitors we have :)


Our ever attentive art critic showing great interest, in the West side of the studio, where most of the paints live, with the most beautiful light when the afternoon sun falls. 



The Gallery hosts many evenings of art, conversation, debate, cocktails and canapes, with Mahen always on hand to discuss the symbolism shown in the paintings (if he really has to) to a patient audience. The Ganeshism Gallery has also hosted some young art enthusiasts: Students from the French school. with a workshop as well, where talent was a plenty.

We've hosted other art lovers from groups and associations in Sri Lanka, along with visitors, who find us on Trip Advisor, from all around the world. Happy to have the art seen by as many souls as possible.



But it's not always just about the art at Ganeshism. Sometimes, it's about good food, good company and lots of peace and love :)




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