* Why can't I pay with credit card?


Sadly, our payment gateway doesn't support our website interface. We're in the process of changing to a new one, but it will take a couple of months more.

In the meantime, please bear with us and use other means like bank transfer or Paypal. Paypal being unavailable in Sri Lanka, please contact Rachel to get the details of her personal Paypal account. We're also in the process of getting our Wise account created in Sri Lanka. Please send us a message for more details (rachel.chanmugam@gmail.com)

*Size guide (used in tags): Consider the highest number, be it the length or the width.

S= Below 15" (38cm) / M= 16 to 24" (40-61cm) / L= 25 to 34" (63 to 87cm) / XL= 35 to 44" (89-112cm) / XXL= Above 45" (114cm)

* Price guide (used in tags)

$= Below US$50 / $$= US$50-150 / $$$= US$150-450 / $$$$= US$450-800 / $$$$$= Above US$800

* I would like an artwork in a format that is not available online...

Not all paintings are displayed in all formats, sizes and materials. It is either for logistics/practical reasons, because they are too many, because some aren't that popular, or because some are not possible to do, i.e. due to the painting's original shape, it's not possible to fit it in a square shaped box frame for example. Also, a lot of the "old" paintings were not photographed as professionally as they are now, so we reproduce them only to highest size that allows no loss of quality. In any case, if you are interested in any particular design, especially in the "More Artworks" section, please do contact us directly, either via the website, our Facebook page or phone/Whatsapp (+94 77 351 9237)

* How do you decide on the price of a painting?  

Regarding the prints, the price is solely based on size and materials. The only exception would be the Limited Editions.

The original paintings on the other side have multiple factors coming into play before deciding on a price: also size and materials used, but time spent into the painting as well. Some take a day or two while some take more than a week. This can be because of technicalities and/or intricate details or because of the artistic/emotional process Mahen is going through. He also adds his own emotional factor, by either reducing the cost if he really dislikes a painting once it's completed, or increasing it if he's really attached to one and/or doesn't want to sell it, etc.

* How are the paintings / artworks shipped?

Due to huge rise in USD costs (and even bigger depreciation of our local currency), we can't afford to use DHL or Aramex. However, we have used Sri Lankan International post for about a year now and we haven't had any issues so far. The post provides a tracking number as well (that we'll send by email to you as soon as the item leaves our gallery!), but yes, it does take a longer time to reach you (about 2 weeks for Europe and America as a guideline). Tracking link: https://www.aramex.com/track/shipments.