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All our retreats are nature, yoga, meditation, art and/or sound based and all are located In Sri Lanka, a country we know and love for its breathtaking natural splendors, its cultural heritage and the warmth of its village communities.

Rachel has been training and experiencing Kundalini yoga since almost 10 years, adding on top it now the science of Sound and the connection to nature, via Analog Forestry and Forest Bathing. Mahen has been an artist from birth and has been devoting his painting time almost entirely to painting Lord Ganesh for about 30 years now. They have found their own ways to spirituality, one through meditation in painting, the other through yoga, sound and nature connection. 

All retreats have been carefully crafted to offer you some specific knowledge and experience. The locations have been specifically selected because of their connection to the teachings we propose. We have visited them all and know their owners personally. More than just being our friends, they all are very gentle and caring souls who are committed to preserving and helping their surrounding environment and local communities.

Find below all the retreats we will be hosting in Sri Lanka in 2020. Please click on each picture below to check more detailed information (who it is for, what you will gain from it, where, when and how much it is, etc.).

- Spiritual Ecology @ Belipola Arboretum (World's first Analog Forestry, started more then 35 years ago in the lower mountain range of Sri Lanka) - 09th to 15th  March 2020 / 1st-7th June 2020

- Family Nature & Yoga Camps, also @ Belipola - 10th to 14th April 2020 / 25th to 29th April 2020

- The Yoga of Sound & Cultural Heritage @ The Mudhouse AND @ Back of Beyond Sigiriya - 14th to 21st November 2020

 - Vedic Yoga, also @ Amba Estate - 04th to 10th May 2020




Those can be fully customized; with educational guided tour, mindful walk, nature meditations, yoga, sound healing, creative art-based experiences, hands-on activities like planting, weeding, home made teas and snacks or full on meals, overnight stay with night forest walk, etc. They can be adapted to kids as well. 

The links below can give you an idea of the Forest bath experience:

Mindful Forest Bath - AirBnB experience

For info and booking, contact Rachel (


We hope to meet you in person during one of those retreats or experiences; to share much more than what this beautiful country has to offer; to (re)connect with our Self, our fellow Human Beings, our fragile ecosystem, our Planet and the whole Universal Intelligence.         

Immersive nature camps teenagers sri lanka
Immersive nature retreat adult sri lanka
Vedic wisdom yoga retreat sri lanka
Sound healing yoga teaching sri lanka
day trip nature kid sri lanka

Sri Lanka Jungle river  Sri Lanka Analog Forest valley  Belipola Analog Forest  

      Tree canopy analog jungle sri lanka ecology spiritual nature retreat    Macadamia from the jungle yoga retreat    Eating at Belipola Analog Forest yoga retreat

@ Belipola


Mountain view Ella Sri Lanka  tea plucker sri lanka  water fall sri lanka 

river at Amba estate  tea time and snacks at yoga retreat  yoga retreat jungle sri lanka

 @ Amba Estate


Yoga sigiriya rock fortress sri lanka  Sri Lanka boat ride Back of Beyond  Sri Lanka Tree house yoga stay  

tree house room yoga retreat sri lanka  Yummy Sri Lankan food at yoga retreat  tree house at night 

@ Back of Beyond



Sri Lanka hut lake        Sri Lanka food clay pots        Sri Lanka open hut  

mudhouse lake yoga retreat  Mudhouse outdoor bathroom sri lanka yoga   bedroom traditional sri lankan hut yoga retreat

@ The Mudhouse


Ulpotha rice fields  Ulpotha coconut and flower art  Ulpotha yoga view rock  

ulpotha traditional clay hut      yoga hut best ayurveda retreat asia     yummy sri lanka nutritious food yoga retreat

@ Ulpotha


 Other 'regular' yoga retreats offered at Ulpotha

various yoga retreats Ulpotha 2020

usual yearly yoga retreats at Ulpotha