Nature weekend experience
Your weekend includes the following program and we would encourage you to participate the entire program, but feel free to choose what you'd like to do (it's your relaxing retreat after-all ;).

- A 2 hour unique forest bathing experience and nature meditation by Rachel
- Sound healing sessions to help detoxify the body, mind, and emotions by Joshua & Rachel
- Two introductory 1 hour Yoga sessions per day by Rekha (on Asanas) and Joshua (Yin Yoga)
- One introductory Qigong movement meditation one hour workshop by master Mahesh (5th Friday)

Other things to do at Ulpotha:
- Cycle around to the local villages and nearby lakes, and take guided walks to the hilltop temple or Uncle Willie's rock
- Swim in the silky smooth waters of the Ulpotha lake, or take a raft or canoe through the backwaters for the best birdwatching spots
- Stroll round Ulpotha's large grounds with your camera or binoculars to catch surprising wildlife
- Visit the kitchen garden and brush up on your cooking skills with friendly cooks
- Ayurveda threatments (add-ons)
Nature Huts:
You will sleep in earthen open-air huts with no electricity and no walls (but a mosquito net ;) - for optimal sleep and recovery. Ulpotha exists in a world where it’s safe enough to live without fences or walls or doors or locks. You’ll be looked after by its gentle, traditional agricultural community, among whom you will be living in.
Digital Detox: There is limited electricity and internet connectivity at Ulpotha, making it a perfect space to take a much needed break from digital distractions for true rest and rejuvenation.
Nourishing healthy vegetarian Sri Lankan dishes by will be served to you. 
Ulpotha is a traditional agricultural community in the jungle heartland of Sri Lanka, and is one of the very few places you can feel safely immersed in the heart of nature and experience indescribable natural beauty and serenity. Ulpotha is a self-sustaining agricultural community spanning 25 acres in the jungle heartland of Sri Lanka. When you arrive you can leave the digital world behind. Ulpotha is a living permaculture village with much of the food is grown on-site and the whole atmosphere at Ulpotha is permeated with metta (loving-kindness). If you are looking for an emotional, spiritual or physical reset, come stay at Ulpotha. You can walk barefoot in pristine nature and swim in the silky-smooth waters of the lotus ringed lake, far removed from stresses of the modern world.